• Protecting Endangered Species Habitat

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  • Expediting Development, Including Infrastructure

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  • Creating Recreational Opportunities

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  • Providing Regulatory Certainty for Development

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  • Providing a Forum for HCP Thought-Leaders


Our Mission

Further the use, effectiveness of and support for large scale Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) as local solutions to facilitate economic development and the conservation of threatened and endangered species and their habitats.

What’s New

2021 National HCP Coalition Annual Meeting

The 2021 Annual Meeting will be a hybrid with both in-person and online components, held October 5-7 in Austin Texas. Click here for the save the date flyer, and here for the event page.

2020 National HCP Coalition Annual Meeting

All presentations from the 2020 Annual Meeting were recorded and are uploaded to Youtube – click here to access the presentations!


Success Story

Washington County Utah HCP

Success Story

The Edwards Aquifer HCP, Texas

Success Story

Massachusetts Piping Plover HCP

Lessons Learned

The experience of plan managers, wildlife agency staff and stakeholders provide many lessons in how best to prepare and implement HCPs.

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