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NHCPC  Brochure

A brochure stating the mission of the NHCPC and answering some frequently asked questions regarding HCPs. A handy shareable document meant for a wide range of audiences. Another version of the brochure that is formatted for printing as a folding handout is also available here.

Economic Effects of Regional Habitat Conservation Plans

This White Paper evaluates the hypothesis that regional Habitat Conservation Plans confer substantial economic benefits to the private and public sectors. The study, published in 2014, draws conclusions on the economic effects of regional HCPs through the lens of four different case studies in California, as well as the body of professional reports and academic papers that have examined similar questions. The case studies are in San Diego, Riverside, San Joaquin and Contra Costa Counties. While they represent a limited sample size, they provide important insights into the economic effects of regional HCPs. Quantification of economic effects is provided for each case study, were possible, with case study results aggregated to provide illustrative estimates of the potential California-wide effects.


HCPs and Climate Change

This White Paper includes two main elements: 1) a review of the literature on climate change and conservation plans to identify climate-adapted approaches to HCPs; and, 2) exploration of how existing HCPs are addressing climate change through case studies of the Balcones Canyonlands Conservation Plan and the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan. The project technical advisory group comprised of individuals participating in various aspects of HCPs throughout the United States provided input at critical junctures. This report presents:

  • Six key approaches to make HCPs more climate adapted;
  • Eleven additional climate change resiliency concepts that emerged during the project; and
  • Recommendations for potential next steps to further explore how to integrate climate adaptation into HCPs.