Who Are We?

The Coalition is made up of a wide spectrum of partners motivated to be engaged in the development and implementation of large scale Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs).  Local governments, business and land-owner interests, special districts, NGO’s, consulting firms and scientists have found common ground and shared interest in advancing the HCP model. View list of participating entities.

Our Mission

“The Mission of the National Habitat Conservation Plan Coalition is further the use, effectiveness of, and support for large scale Habitat Conservation Plans as local solutions facilitating economic development and the conservation of threatened and endangered species and their habitats.”

Read More about the NHCPC Mission Here

Structure & Activities

Board of Directors

Manages overall Coalition activity, develops program ideas, oversees Coalition finances. See biographies of the board members here.

Government Relations Committee

Provides views, information and assistance to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other federal entities.  The Committee comments on proposed regulations and policies relevant to HCPs; promotes funding for the Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Program; and organizes an annual trip to Washington DC. View the handout NHCPC provided to legislators and agencies here.

HCP Improvement Committee

Develops strategies to improve the efficiency of HCP preparation and implementation. The Committee oversees a Mentoring Program to help applicants seeking outside expertise and perspective in the preparation of new or the implementation of existing HCPs.

Program Committee

Organizes the Coalition’s annual meetings.